South Africa | United Kingdom

Financial Systems Case Study - Musgrave Spirits

Business type: Manufacturing

Industry:  Spirits

Size:  10+ employees, 3 locations

Distribution: South Africa - 90 + Outlets

Region: South Africa

Integrations:  Dear,   Xero

Customers since: June 2017


Musgrave is an artisanal gin and spirits brand founded by Simon Musgrave.

In 2017 this rapidly growing spirits business approached the systems experts at Creative Growth Systems to help them implement and integrate cloud-based inventory management and accounting systems.

The biggest lessons that have been learned around Dear and Xero are how important these systems are to our business and how important it is to have control." - Simone Musgrave

With Creative Growth Systems' deep technical knowledge and extensive manufacturing experience in Dear inventory and Xero accounting, Simone could look forward to a seamless, stress-free implementation that would give structure as well as insights into key areas of the business.

In this case study you will discover:

  • The key challenges Musgrave faced
  • The key solutions Dear and Xero offered to solve their problems
  • A Q&A with Simone Musgrave
  • The Creative Growth Systems implementation process
  • Where to book a Systems Analysis.

Download the full case study to find out how the Creative Growth Systems experts helped Musgrave implement a scalable system that creates control and sophistication around their stock, manages multiple locations, supports a large inventory list and provides real-time reports that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.