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Professional Service and Accounting Firms

Welcome to Creative Growth Systems

We specialise in implementing Xero and integrating its related applications. We value our relationships with Professional Service and Accounting Firms and offer specific workflows and agreements to build and maintain our relationship with you.

How do we work together?

Client Meetings: In order to determine the scope, applicable software packages and do the implementation, integration and training we will have to interact with your clients. We encourage you to be a part of these interactions if you are available. If not, we will run these meetings.

Project Management: We will handle the full project management function during implementation and integration projects and provide you and your client with weekly updates on the progress of the project. 

Implementation Roadmap: We will provide you with a full implementation roadmap to ensure that you and your client knows exactly what they can expect and what is expected from your and them.

Billing: How we bill for the work is completely up to you. We can bill you or we can bill your clients directly. Just let us know which you would prefer.

Subscriptions:  Will transfer the subscription to you so you may bill your client, or directly to your client. Subscriptions can be managed and billed by us, if needed.

Related Software: We specialise in various software packages and in some cases leverage of our extensive knowledge and experience in cloud-based software packages to tackle others. Please follow the link below to see our full systems offering.

Xero Playbooks

Xero’s app marketplace features 700+ apps that integrate with Xero to help your clients reach their goals. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to begin. Find out how to get started and identify apps that meet the common needs and pain points of businesses in specific industries.

  • Trade and construction app playbook

Identify the best trade and construction apps, from job and project management to payroll, for your clients. 

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  • Retail and ecommerce app playbook

Help your clients run smarter retail with the POS, inventory and ecommerce apps that are right for them. 

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  • Professional services app playbook

Find the most suitable apps to help clients deliver projects, improve cash flow, and manage relationships. 

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  • Hospitality playbook

Review the right apps for hospitality clients, including POS, booking systems, employee scheduling and more. 

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